Monday, May 25, 2015

My Fashion Wish List

My Fashion Wish List

Hello Everyone,
I have been trying hard to only buy pieces that add to my wardrobe. I also want to buy items that I can pair with things I already own. It has really been tough because I feel like I am spending more money on individual items but overall I know I am investing in good pieces. These are a few things I have my eyes on: 

1. The rabbi Slingback Sandal in Etched Zigzag (Madewell)- I have loved brown sandals this summer and I love this unique design. I love the idea of having a sandal to step into like a flat rather than have to buckle in. It is such an easy cute piece that would add to any outfit. 

2. Barneys Gripey Leather Biker jacket (ASOS)- It may seem strange to have a leather jacket on my summer wish list but I have a good reason for this. I feel like if I buy a leather jacket now I will save money because most of them are on sale right now. I know I will want one for the fall so I might as well find a good deal. 

3. Gildstitch Pendant Necklace (Madewell) - I love Madewell jewelry and I think this is a great versatile piece. 

4. The Transport Tote (Madewell)- I would love to have a bag that I can throw everything in especially when are going on weekend trips etc.  I like this one because I could throw my purse in it as well as my computer and other odds and ends. I also love the mix of black and brown leather. 

5. Cotton Lakeshore Midi Dress (Madewell) - I have so many random parties and showers to go to over the next few months and I am always looking for cute summery dresses to wear to them. I love this because it is a nice color but super basic. I may need to get this for one of our wedding showers or even my bridal shower. :) 

6. Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses (J-crew)- I love these and I think these will be so cute with any summer outfit. I work out doors a lot so I always have sunglasses with me. I think it would be nice to invest in a good pair. 

I hope you all enjoyed my wish list. Let me know some of your fashion favorites this summer! 

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