Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My New NARS Duo's

Hello Everyone!
I am so sorry I have been MIA these past few weeks, work got super crazy and I also moved which took up a lot of my time. I am now settled into my new home and ready to begin blogging again!

I just purchased some new NARS products and I wanted to share my thoughts and some swatches.

1. NARS Duo in " Kalahari"

I have had my eyes on this duo for a very long time. I love how beautiful yet subtle these colors are.  I have worn this one almost every day. I use the gold shade (left) on my lid and the more purple one (right) in my crease. They both are very pigmented and last all day. 

I did not think that the shade on the right would work for my crease but it adds just enough depth to my crease for a subtle look. I am really loving this duo! It would be a great palette for someone who wants a natural eye look. 

2. NARS Duo in " Surabaya" 

I just took a leap of faith on this duo. It looked really pretty on the website and I love these cranberry/ copper shades with my eye color. I honestly have not worn this a ton, not because I don't like it just because now that it is summer I find myself wearing more pinks and oranges on my lips and a more neutral eye. That being said, these colors are gorgeous.

The color on the left has a definite gold undertone and the color on the right is more of a cranberry. The cranberry shade isn't quite as pigmented as I had hoped. The swatch above took at least two swipes of color to get this pigmentation. The color on the left is super pigmented. This is a great palette for people with yellow undertones and people with a medium to deep complexion. 

3. NARS Duo in "Cordura " 

This was another leap of faith purchase. I wanted to find a NARS duo that I could recommend to my clients that could be a staple product. I believe this shade looked a bit different on the website. When I opened this one up I was annoyed with the chunks of glitter that I saw. Luckily it doesn't swatch glittery!

The shade on the left is very similar to the gold shade in "Surabaya" with a little bit less warmth. The shade on the right is a dark brown. They both do have some glitter in it but not enough to keep me from wearing it. I am really happy with the pigmentation of both of these colors. That being said, I do not think this duo is anything super special. If you have these shades in other palettes I would suggest saving your money. If you are looking for a very basic duo and you wear these shades a ton then I would snatch this one up. I have tons of these colors in my kit so I will probably keep this duo in my personal makeup stash. 

NARS Duo's retail for $35.00 and $21.00 with a professional discount. These eye shadows are on the more expensive side but I do really love them. You can purchase these at Sephora or on the NARS website

Let me know if there is any NARS products you recommend or anything that you want me to review! 

I hope this was helpful :) 

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