Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Week #2

Hello Everyone!
This week was insane but full of fun jobs! I began the week on Sunday with a Boudoir shoot, which was SO much fun (I won't have photos from that ;)  )  Monday I had two headshot sessions and both of the ladies were so lovely! Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday were full of 10 hour production days. Tuesday was a commercial for a medical company. Wednesday and Thursday we were wrapping up "The Circle" film pick ups that we shot last summer! Friday was a much calmer day with a wedding trial in the morning and a prom makeup in the afternoon! Saturday I had the opportunity to work with my good friend on a wedding. I had 5 makeups to do and only remembered to take a photo of one of them! I always forget to take photos when I do weddings! Saturday night some friends and I went out and did the Buckhead Pub Crawl. IT SO WAS FUN! :) Here are some photos from this week! I also purchased some new makeup products this week so I will try and get a haul post or a first impressions post out either tonight or tomorrow! I hope everyone has had a safe and happy week :)

Monday Head shots:

Tuesday Medical Commercial:

 Wednesday and Thursday "The Circle" film:

 Friday Wedding Trail:

Saturday Wedding and St. Patricks Day Pub Crawl:

Thanks for reading and have a fun Tuesday!


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