Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Week #1

Hello Everyone!
I decided I want to start doing a weekly blog post to keep you posted on my work, my life etc. This series is going to be called "My Week" creative right?? haha

Here it goes!

Last Sunday was super fun! I woke up and just hung out. Aren't Sundays like that the best? I then attended a dinner party at a friends house. He is a general manager at a really popular restaurant here in Atlanta. He has started a "supper club" where he invites friends over charges a small fee and cooks us all a three course meal. It was so fun and I got to meet so many amazing people! Below is my hair and makeup for this event:

Wednesday and Thursday I was working on the film that we shot last summer called "The Circle". They rewrote the first few minutes of the film and so we were doing pick up shots. I loved the cast and the crew that we worked with. Wednesday we filmed in Jackson, Georgia and then Thursday we filmed in Conyers at a run down barn. It was great! I snapped a few pictures on set and thought I would share them!

After recovering from my overnight shoot Thursday ( I got home around 3), I spent Friday afternoon house shopping with my mom and Seth! Saturday I had a very early call time of 7am in Senoia! If you watch "The Walking Dead", we shot in the town of "Woodbury". I managed to snatch some Zombie Coffee from the local coffee shop :) Below is a shot from the commercial shoot we did! He was one of the TEN talent I worked with yesterday!

I then spent my Saturday night at Stone Summit Climbing gym because they were having a huge event with sponsors, free beer and Mellow Mushroom Pizza! So fun!!! :) Below is Seth being a boss bouldering.

I hope you all enjoy posts like these because I know I love reading other peoples weekly updates! This week should be fun also so I will fill you all in next Sunday!


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