Friday, February 28, 2014

"Face of the Day" High End Makeup

Hello Everyone! 
I posted this on instagram today and I thought it could be a helpful blog post as well! 

I did my eyes first with this look because it is dark and I knew there would be some fall out.  I used MAC Paint Pot in "Constructivist" all over my lid as my eye shadow primer. I then took "Expresso" from the Lorac Pro Palette on top of that just on my lid. I also took "Expresso" under my eyes on the lower lash line. I then added "Garnet" over the top of that to add a warmth to the eye look. I then used "Cream" on my brow bone as my highlight. 

I used Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in "Black Ink" on both my upper lash line and in the waterline. I then applied false lashes. After letting the lash glue dry, I used the Diorshow Mascara

I used Hourglass Primer serum as my primer today because my skin is so dry! I then used this Vichy Dermafinish foundation in shade "15 Opal". (This is my first time using this foundation) After applying foundation I used the Marc Jacobs Concealer in shade "1 Awake" under my eyes. I then set everything with my NARS Light Reflecting Lose Powder. I then used Benefit "Hoola" bronzer as my contour. For Blush I used the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush in shade "Diffused Heat" (LOVE). I then used Hourglass Ambient lighting powder in "Ethereal light" as my highlight. 


Revlon Lip Gloss (I don't know the exact shade but its just a nude gloss) 

I hope this was helpful and if you all enjoy blog posts like these please let me know!! 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pen in "Soft Brown"

I purchased the Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pen a few days ago and I must say I am already very impressed. There are a few things I really like about it:

1. I love the shape of the actually product. It is a wider thin applicator which makes for a very easy application. I apply it vertically to the thicker parts of my brow and then I flip it horizontally for the outer parts. It is so easy and quick.

2. I love the spoolie on the end. I think that every brow pen should have this on it. I run this through my brows after applying the pen and it breaks up the product and creates a much more natural effect.

3. I love the weight and feel of the packaging. If I am paying $32.00 for a brow pencil I want to at least feel like I am applying something luxurious. I feel that hourglass packaging is very luxurious and I appreciate that.
4. It is the PERFECT color for my brows. I hate when brow products have warm undertones because it is very rare that people have warm undertones to there hair. This is a PERFECT medium cool brown.

That all being said, the product alone is wonderful. It lasts all day with no problems.

Now the real question is... Is it worth the price?...
This all depends on your budget and how important convenience is to you. This product requires no other brushes and cut my brow time in half. The shape is perfect and allows you to apply a lot of product in a short amount of time. It is also an exact color match for me which means I don't have to mix two products together to achieve this look.

This is an amazing product and for me it was worth the money but if you are looking for the same quality but lower price point there are MANY products out there. Some I would recommend are

All of these are just as good in quality and performance just maybe not quite as convenient. (I do have all three products listed above and use them on clients and on myself.)

I hope this was helpful!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Urban Decay Electric Palette??!

Hey Everyone!
I saw this video floating around the beauty blogger world today and I thought I would share it with you all! This is the image that I found.. Hopefully its an accurate photo!! It seems like it would be such a fun palette to have :) :)

What are your thoughts?? It might be a nice escape from the "naked" palettes right?? 

I will share more info with you all as soon as I hear anything :) 


February Haul

Hey guys!
I have done a little bit of shopping this month and I wanted to share my purchases with you. Some of these items are for my professional kit and some are for me. I will be doing individual reviews on most of these products.

I ordered these NARS Sheerglow foundations in the shades "Ceylan", "Tahoe", Stromboli" and "New Orleans" for my professional makeup kit. I like these because they are medium to build able coverage, they have no SPF in them (great for photography), and they last for a long time on the skin when applied with a primer! NARS also has a large shade range which is great because I work on all different skin tones.

I then went to Sephora and picked up a few things.

1. Origins "Clear Improvement" (Active charcoal mask to clear pores)- I recently saw a blog post on this product. After reading the great reviews I really wanted to try it for myself! I will do my own review of this product as soon as I use it a few times.

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in "Dim Light"- I have fallen in love with this brand. I love Ambient lighting powders and I really wanted this shade for a lot of reasons. I use these powders on almost all of my clients. They are amazing finishing powders.

3. Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil in "Soft Brunette"- I saw this video and thought it looked pretty cool and easy to use! It was pretty pricey for a brow pencil so I hope I like it :)

4. Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum- Hourglass Mineral Veil is my go to primer for my clients and myself. However, my skin has been so dry lately that I thought this would help. I applied this to the back of my hand in the store and it seemed really oily at first but after it soaked into my skin, my hand seemed moisturized and rejuvenated. I hope it works the same way for my face!

5. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in "Dark Brown"- This product just recently launched and I have heard so many great things about it! I also have read that it can be used as a liner and a shadow base as well! I  will definitely be doing a review on this ASAP.

6. Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in "Poppy Paradise"- I wanted to try something from sephora that I had never seen a review on and I landed on this product. This consistency is so interesting and the color payoff seems great. I have been looking for something like this so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I like it.

7. Elizabeth and James Nirvana for Her Perfume "White"- Everything about this product was appealing to me. The packaging is great, I love this brand and I loved the "black and white" concept. I purchased the roller ball because I really liked the scent but wanted to make sure I loved it before I purchased the full size. Ill make sure to do a review on this as well!

Okay well I hope you all enjoyed this Haul post. If you have any products you recommend or you want reviewed please let me know! Also go and "Like" my Hopefully Helpful Beauty Facebook page for more info and updates!

I hope this was helpful


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Loves

Hello Everyone!
Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!!  I thought it would be fun to do a pink inspired post today! Below are some of my favorite products that are either pink or in pink packaging :)

I will start from the top and work my way down!

1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in "Crave" 
I love this lasting power of this product and this shade is beautiful! I also love that one end has the stain and one end has a lip balm.

2. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in "205 Elusive" 
This baby pink is such an easy shade to wear and so easy to apply! I don't feel like the lasting power is as good with these but I don't mind reapplying it a couple of times through out the day.

3. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in "70 Hot Tamale"
I love this blush. I promise its not as intimidating as it looks! I apply this with a large duo fiber stippling blush and its the perfect pink. The bouncy blushes are great!

4. Dior Addict Perfume
I know this is the small sample size but I am waiting to use this up before purchasing the larger size. I love this perfume and I love the packaging. This size is actually great for travel!

5. theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer 
I love this bronzer. It adds the perfect summer glow to my skin.

6. MAC Lipstick in "Girl About Town"
This is one of the best hot pink shades I have found. I love how stunningly bright it is. I like MAC lipsticks a lot and I think they last for a very long time.

7. theBalm Instain Blush in "Lace"
This is a bubblegum pink blush. A little bit goes a LONG way because it is very pigmented. theBalm blushes have been some of my favorites for the past few months.

8. Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser 
I just purchased this a few weeks ago and I really like it. It doesn't do a great job of removing eye makeup so I usually use makeup remover first and then go in with this cleanser. I think this is what your actually supposed to do anyways but I have been so spoiled by my Murad cleanser that I usually don't have to use makeup remover first. This face cleanser has anti-aging properties in it and it smells great!

Well I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of my favorite "pink" products. I wish you all a very happy valentines day whether your spending it with your partner, friends or family!

I truly appreciate your love and support of this blog :)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fashion Week NYC 2014

Hello Everyone!
Since today is the last day I thought it would be appropriate to share with you some of my favorite looks from fashion week and also share some product ideas that will help achieve these looks.

1. Ralph Lauren

I loved this blushing look that was on the runway for Ralph Lauren 2014. It is so subtle yet beautiful. The blushing cheeks and the pink lip color work so well together. Some products to achieve this look: 

2. Marc Jacobs

I think this look is so fun! The blue eyeshadow is such a statement and I think since his makeup line came out this year it was a smart move to do something bold. Some products to achieve this look:

3. Badgley Mischka

This is such an elegant way to wear blue eye shadow. Its so soft and almost mystical looking. I also really loved the hair styles. Some products to achieve this look: 


Orange lips are quite trendy this year and I think DKNY did it well! I love how flattering orange is on so many different people. Some products to achieve this look: 

5. Rachel Zoe

This was probably my favorite look. I LOVED the messy thick braided hair and I think this makeup look is beautiful. I love how warm and bronzed the skin is here and then with the pop of pink lip its just perfect! Such an amazing summer look! Some products to achieve this look: 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know what some of your favorite looks were from fashion week! 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Beauty Finds

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all have had a wonderful February thus far! I have been doing a lot of research lately to discover some new brands and I have stumbled upon some amazing new beauty products that I have added to my wish list. I thought you all might be interested :)

1. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

"This lightweight moisturizing tint evens out imperfections and fades the appearance of fine lines with its light-diffusing multi-mineral formula. SPF 20 protects from UVA and UVB rays while Ginseng and Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract deliver antioxidants to skin, promoting a healthy complexion." 

How could I not be drawn to this? It sounds like a great product for someone who wants a little bit of coverage or for any one during those hot summer months. This product costs $38.00 and comes in 7 shades. I also love this packaging. It makes for a sanitary and easy application. 

2. theBalm "How bout them apples?" Cheek Palette 

"How 'Bout Them Apples?" is a multi-functioning lip and cheek cream palette. Each freshly picked color is formulated to have a smooth finish that won't streak or fade, so there are no bad apples in this bunch!" 

How cute is this palette? I LOVE the vibrant colors and this packaging is amazing. I have a lot of theBalm blushes and a few of there duo lip/cheek products. I feel that this brand is so underrated. All of the products I have are so pigmented and beautiful and compared to other Sephora brands its within that same price range. I think this is such a great palette for those duo lip/cheek junkies out there! 

3. Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender 

" Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is the perfect finishing touch for your makeup. This remarkable technology yields an utterly sheer, featherweight product that diffuses the look of pores, minimizes fine lines, and helps protect your makeup so it lasts from morning to night. Face Defender gives you that flawless matte finish without the dry, ashy look of powder. The result is silky smooth skin and longer-lasting makeup. It comes with a unique buffed-edge Japanese sponge."

This product mesmerizes me. I am not sure how it works exactly but the idea of using this instead of a powder but then it also diffuses fine lines and pores? It sounds to good to be true! This has quickly moved to the top of my "most wanted" list. I can not wait to try this product out! 

4. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade


"This smudge-free, creamy, waterproof formula glides on skin and adheres to hair. Use it as a brow definer for sculpting and shading perfectly shaped brows. Ideal for oily skin and humid climates, this product can also be used as an eyeliner."

I have only heard great things about this prow product that Anastasia launched. It comes in 5 shades and it costs $18.00. I also have heard that these can double as an eye liner or an eye shadow base (similar to mac paint pot). This seems like a great product and I am looking forward to owning some. 

I will try to do more of these posts as I stumble upon new or new to me beauty products. I love discovering new products and if I can find something that will help make your beauty routine just a little bit easier then thats wonderful :) 

I hope this was helpful!