Friday, December 13, 2013

Chanel Cream Eye Shadow in " Epatant"

Hello Everyone!

I recently discovered Chanel's cream eye shadows on black Friday. I don't really know why I have not looked at these shadows before but I am very excited to have discovered them. I chose the shade "Epatant" because I do not have anything like this in my collection.

It is a greenish taupe with lots of shimmer. I do not usually gravitate towards shimmery eye shadow but since it is the holiday season I decided to give it a shot! I must say, this product is pretty incredible. It is highly pigmented and lasted well over 8 hours on my eyes. I love this unigue shade and I would highly recommend it to anyone! It does have A LOT of shimmer so if you are one that does not like shimmer I would probably stay away from this product.

I paired this product with a deeper matte brown eye shadow in the crease and a brown liner. It is such an easy way to glam up your eyes this holiday season!! I have a feeling I will be purchasing a few more of these in the near future.

Price: $36.00 and can be purchased here. 

I hope this was helpful :) 



  1. that's a high price tag! Though, it's so gorgeous and it looks perfect for this season :) I own so many green eyeshadows, so I'll have to see what other shades they offer!

    1. I totally agree that it is a high price tag. Yes if you have a lot of green shadows I would try a different shade. I know there was a beautiful silver and maroon shade as well. :) Thanks for the comment!

  2. The shade is gorgeous, I tend to avoid spending money on higher end products when there is a drugstore dupe I love just as much though. I am obsessed with the Maybelline color tattoos.

    1. I love the Maybelline color tattoos as well! If you find a drugstore dupe for this shade please let me know :) Thanks for the comment!!