Friday, November 8, 2013

HAUL: 20% off VIB at Sephora

Hello Everyone!
If you are a frequent shopper at Sephora then you know how exciting it is when they have sales. The VIB (very important beauty insider) 20% off sale is the highlight of my year at Sephora. I only buy items at Sephora from high end cosmetic lines that do not offer pro discounts. This is why this haul is pretty much all high end items. Some of you may be thinking, you can get a NARS and MUFE pro discount.. Yes I know and this was me being lazy and not wanting to order products online.. haha

All I can say is "Oops". I did not mean to spend so much money but I honestly knew I was going to end up buying all of these products anyways so I thought I might as well buy them when I get 20 % off..

1. Murad Clarifying body spray
I have been wanting this for a long time ever since I saw a video about it on you tube. I was holding off because it was pricey but I am glad I finally took the plunge. I have been loving Murad skin care lately! I also purchased the spot treatment a few weeks ago.

2. YSL "Le Teint Touche Eclat" Illuminating Foundation
I have heard great things about this foundation and finally decided to go for it. I think I found a pretty excellent color match so I am very excited about it :) Can you believe this purchase was my very first YSL product?? I know I was very excited about this..

3. Nars "Skin Smoothing Face Prep"
I have never heard of this product before but I was very intrigued when I felt how smooth it was on my hand. I have a very specific plan for this product. I am looking for something to reduce smile lines and fine lines under the eye. I hope this works!

5. Diorshow "Black out" Mascara 
Dior seems to be ground breaking in the mascara department. I have been very curious and decided to try one for myself. Looking forward to trying this mascara. 

 6. Makeup Forever "Pro-Finish" Powder Foundation
I have been on the hunt for a great powder foundation, mostly for my male clients. I decided to try this one out due to the amazing reviews. I hope this is pro kit worthy!!

7. Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner in "Black Ink"
This is a industry standard as far as gel eye liners are concerned. I don't know a single makeup artist who doesn't have this in there kit (except for me up until today). I had purchased one from MAC for my kit when I first started and I was trying to hold off on buying this until I used the MAC one up. I then had a client on Tuesday with insanely oily eye lids and the MAC liner just failed on me. I am so glad I have this one in my kit now :)

8. NARS Guy Bourdin "One Night Stand" Cheek Palette
Last but certainly not least is this incredible NARS cheek palette. I have miscellaneous NARS products and everything I own from this brand is a great product. I decided to take the plunge with there blushes as well. I actually had a blush from NARS that I purchased a few weeks ago and that went MIA on a wedding I did that weekend.. hmmm. I am very happy about this purchase though and ready to fall in love with all of these colors.  

The Lancome pot that you see is a sample of the moisturizer.. Ill let you know what I think. I also got a Dior lipstick and perfume sample as a point reward. I also got a glam glow face mask sample which is actually what I am most excited to try!!

I know this seems crazy, but I buy these products because I do this for a living and because I review these products for you guys! I always like trying new things to make sure I have the best products possible in my professional kit and sometimes that means I need to invest in some high end products!!

I will try and do a review on all of these products over the next few months!

I hope this was helpful!


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