Monday, October 7, 2013

Lorac Pro Palette

Hello Everyone!!
I am so happy to finally have a blog post for you guys on this amazing eye shadow palette. I purchased the Lorac Pro Palette at Ulta about two weeks ago. This palette is only $42.00 and you get 16 different shades.

 Can you tell this palette has been very loved? Like I said I only purchased this two weeks ago and I have used it on every single job since. I am obsessed.

The top row of this palette is all matte shadows. They range from white (far left) to black (far right) and everything in between. You have 3 great highlights and great crease colors as well.

The bottom row is all satin finish. None of the shadows on the bottom row have "chunks" of glitter which is great. Some of my favorites from this palette are "Mauve", "Pewter", and "Garnet".

All of the colors are so rich and wearable. I love that this palette has warm and cool colors. It basically combines Naked and Naked 2 for me. The only color I feel is missing is an army green satin finish eye shadow. I would love to have a deep green mixed into that bottom row.

My overall impression of this palette is that it is a MUST HAVE for every makeup artist and anyone on the market for a new eye palette. Every shadow is so pigmented, they last for ages on your eyes and you can seriously create any look with this palette. That being said make sure you tap of your brush before applying to the eye because it can have some fall out if you don't.

I have never been happier with a makeup purchase and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

You can purchase it here.

I hope this was helpful :)