Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pro Makeup Kit: Favorite Eye Shadow Palette

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share with you guys what I use daily for clients. I have about 4 eye shadow palettes in my kit but I am always reaching for this one!

This palette is labeled "MUD & LORAC" but really this has quite a few MAC shadows in it as well. I organized this palette in a specific way that makes sense to me. I started from the top and placed matte neutrals on the top row, satin finish neutrals on the second row, pinks and purples on the third row, and grays blues and blacks on the bottom.

Even though this palette does have some "color" I still consider this a very neutral palette. I find that I can do any look with this palette especially when it is a bridal look or for film and tv.

Below is the palette labeled as best as I could:

The circular ones that are not labeled are all from the Make-Up Designory. I know I went to school here and you may think I am biased for liking these, but they are actually really great eye shadows. The three square shaped eye shadows are Lorac eye shadows that I popped out of the candy bar shaped palettes from this past holiday collection.

Some of my favorites from this palette are:
1. Malt- Mac eye shadow
2. Taupe- Make-Up Designory Eye shadow
3. The redish shimmery color that is not labeled- Make-Up Designory eye shadow
4. Club- Mac eye shadow
5. Smut- Mac eye shadow

I love these Z Palettes ( the palette above) because you just buy them empty and fill them with any eye shadows that work for you. They are great for eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, lipsticks, and concealers. I have found that they are quite fragile though which is super annoying. I have 4 Z-Palettes in my kit and 2 of them have already cracked.

Purchase a Z-Palette HERE :)

I am in the market for new MAC eye shadows. If you have any you recommend please comment below :)

I also carry the Naked palette, Naked basics palette, a Smashbox palette, and a Laura Mercier eye shadow palette in my kit. I am probably going to ditch the Smashbox palette soon and replace it with the Naked 2 and the Lorac Pro because I will use both of those a lot more.

If you would like to see a review or swatches of any of the palettes listed above please let me know!

I hope this was helpful :)


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