Monday, September 2, 2013

August Favorites

Hello Everyone!
 Can you believe it is almost fall? I am ready for the fall makeup collections that is for sure!! Below is my favorites for this month. I had a few others like the Tarte Blush in "Exposed" and Murad facial cleanser but I want to do separate blog posts for those :)

August is a very hot month here in Atlanta and I found myself reaching for "long wear" products that will last much longer in this heat. Some of these you might recognize from being in previous favorite blog posts!!

1. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation: 
I love this foundation A LOT. It lasts all day even in this heat and humidity, the finish is semi matte, and you can not beat the under $8.00 price!  The staying power is very similar to Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and the Revlon color stay foundation. The only down fall with this product is in the winter months the lightest shade will be way to dark for me. It is already a touch to dark but I mix it with MUFE shade 115 to lighten it up a bit!

2. Inglot Freedom System Palette:
I purchased this palette a few months ago hoping it would be my one stop shop for brows, contour, lip and concealer... Wishful thinking :) I would say that the brow powder and wax (finally figured out to use it) are stand out products. I use this combination every single day on my brows. The concealer and lipstick are alright but nothing too special. Each pan of product is $6.00 and the palette was $10.00 I believe.

3. NYC Lip Stain: 
I love these lip stains! I have four different shades and I think they are absolutely wonderful! They last at least 3-4 hours before I feel I need to reapply. They have a marker like tip which makes them super easy to use. They were also very inexpensive. I believe I purchased these for less than $4.00 at Target. I stumbled upon an NYC section at Walmart the other  day and did not see these so if they are limited edition or discontinued I apologize!!

4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer:
I have currently become a big fan of Estee Lauder products and this concealer has been a stand out this month! The staying power is great, the shade match is perfect and even this travel size has a lot of product.
The regular price for this product is $23.00 and you can find it at any Estee Lauder counter or on the website!!

5. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer:
This is a staple bronzer for many beauty guru's. It has been a part of my collection for about a year now and I still love it! I especially love this warm toned bronzer in the summer months!! It is not to orange for my fair skin. It gives my skin a really pretty glow :) This bronzer is about $5.00 depending on where you buy it and it is worth every penny!!!

6. Givenchy Magic Eye Khol in "Coffee":
This has been my very favorite product this month. I know the name is "coffee" but this color is a dark plum purple. I was actually searching for a dark purple for my makeup kit and stumbled upon this in sephora. This eye liner is incredibly creamy and so easy to smudge out for a more natural smokey look. It also sets and stays put all day long! I love the color, consistency and the price was not to bad either!! It retails for $22.50 and you can find it on the Givenchy website or at Sephora!! I can not wait to purchase the other colors!!!

I hope this was helpful :)


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