Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marc Jacobs: "Lolita" Eye Shadow Palette

Hello Everyone!
I am so sorry for not posting anything these past few weeks. I had a very unfortunate life situation that kept me busy and off the radar for a bit.

While I was off the radar for a bit, Marc Jacobs launched his new makeup line in Sephora! I finally had time today to go check it out today and everything looks BEAUTIFUL. I wanted to buy it all. The blushes looked incredible and he has a lot of nice lip colors. I decided to buy one thing that I would use the most and that is how "Lolita" came into my life :)

I purchased this at Sephora but you can also buy these products on Marc Jacobs website. This palette was $59.00 and unfortunately no pro discount. 

This palette came in this cloth covering, inside this box. I think the packaging is really beautiful. Its a slim black case with a good sized mirror inside!
 I fell in love with this palette the moment I saw it. I love neutral palettes that include matte, shimmer, and satin finishes. It reminds me of the "Naked" palette by Urban Decay with its super wearable yet unique shades.

The shades have no names so I will explain them in numerical order from left to right!


The first shade is a matte neutral cream. This is a perfect shade for highlight your brow bone or blending shadows from the crease. It is also a great base color.


I love this warm medium brown. It will be a beautiful all over lid color or to add dimension to the eye. For warmer skin tones this could work really well for a brow bone highlight!


This dark grayish brown is BEAUTIFUL. This is an amazing crease color. It could also be used on the lid for a wash of color or for a liner!! Love it.


This shade is the only color with actual chunks of glitter. It would be a nice accent color for the eye or for the tear duct.


This is the most unique shade in this palette. At first glance it looks like an average shimmery gold but when the light hits the shade it comes off pinkish purple. It is incredible :)


This is a really pretty color for a nice shimmery lid with a matte crease color. I also think this would be pretty in the tear duct.


I would say that this is the most average color in the palette. Most palettes include a gold because it is a wearable "normal" neutral color. Don't get me wrong this is a really pretty gold, but I know I have 5 other gold eye shadows very similar to this color. 

My first impression is that I really love this palette. I think I could wear this for two weeks straight and wear a different look every day. I love the packaging and how compact it is. The shadows also seem like great quality eye shadows. The only one I am questioning is the one with glitter chunks.. It seems a little to powdery. BUT I will have to use this over the next few weeks and give you an update!

Let me know if you have tried anything from the new Marc Jacobs makeup line. I would love some recommendations for other products to try! 

I hope this was helpful :) 


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