Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To: Green Eye Liner

Hello Everyone!!
I am going to start a serious of blog posts on "How To's" and I decided to start with "How to: Wear Green Eyeliner". I wanted to start with a product that most people are terrified of so that I could show you that any color and any product can be worn in an every day look, it is all about how you apply it!

1. Apply an eye shadow base, I used MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre

2. Apply a gold eye shadow all over the lid up into the crease.

3. Take the gold underneath the eye

4. Take your green eye liner and apply to the upper lash line, like you would with your every day eye liner.

5. Take a brush (or a q-tip) and smudge out that line until you there is no distinct line anymore.

6. Then take your brush ( or your q-tip) and apply a tiny bit of gold eye shadow right over the green to give the ombre effect.

7. I then took a black eye liner in my lower and upper waterline.

8. Blend that bottom liner into the gold with a brush.

9. Curl your lashes!!

10. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes!

As you can see above, this is a super wearable eye look. Also remember that if you don't usually wear makeup on your lower lash line, you can skip those steps and just do your lid!

With this look you can use any products that you already have! I used the items below:
 1. Make-Up Designory Eye Shadow in "Spanish Gold"

 2. Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner in " Emerald Empire"

 3. Urban Decay "Super Curling" mascara

I then finished my makeup with foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and a nude lip color. This is the finished look:

Let me know if there are any makeup products that seem to scary to wear and I would love the challenge of creating a subtle every day look using them!

I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you go out and give green eye liner a shot! This is would look amazing with green eyes!!

I hope this was helpful :)

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