Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Laura Mercier: Universal Setting Powder

Hello Everyone!
Do you have look in the mirror a few hours into your day and wonder why your concealer has settled into those fine lines and has creased? Laura Mercier Universal Invisible Loose Setting Powder may just be the answer you are looking for!

This is the Website's claim:

 "One invisible formula that works for all skin tones, from light to deep. This powder contains unique light-reflecting, micro-refined spherical silica powders that help create a soft-focus appearance, diminishing the look of fine lines and imperfections while visibly smoothing skin"
  • Disappears upon application to flawlessly set makeup for all-day wear
  • Matches all skin tones to blend in easily and effortlessly
  • Leaves a smooth, soft finish
  • Visibly diminishes the look of fine lines
  • Non-cakey or "powdery"
  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive
  • Paraben-Free
  • Talc Free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Oil Free
  • 0.4 oz./11.3g

 I would agree with almost all of the claims expect for one. This powder WHEN PHOTOGRAPHED will make the skin seem smoother and will give an effect of "diminishing fine lines". But this is not a magic powder and it will not magically smooth out wrinkles.

ALSO, using flash photography may cause this powder to "flash back" if you apply to much. A little goes a long way with this powder!!

This powder does set your under eye concealer and foundation beautifully though! It does leave a soft finish that does not look cakey or powdery.  I also love using this powder in the "T-zone" to matte the skin.

I love this powder but WHY DID THEY LABEL THIS UNEVENLY?? That drives me crazy!! 

Overall I would give this powder a huge thumbs up! I use this on most of my clients and I have purchased a second one to start using on myself! 
Price:            $ 35.00
Pro Price:     $21.00

I hope this was helpful :) 


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Five Makeup Brushes

Hello Everyone!
I was cleaning my brushes and thought to myself, " why haven't I done a blog post on my favorite brushes?". You all can guess what comes next... a blog post on my favorite makeup brushes!! :) I feel like makeup brushes get a complicated rep in this industry. Most women don't even use makeup brushes and that is totally okay! I want to emphasize that makeup brushes do not have to used for the exact purpose that they are advertised. In fact, most makeup brushes can be used for more than one purpose. These are the brushes I love and how I use them:

1. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

This came in the "starter set" from ULTA. This is a synthetic brush with an aluminum handle. I use this brush for concealer, particularly under eye concealer. I have about three of these and I LOVE them. The whole Real Techniques line is pretty incredible!
Purchase Here

2. MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush

I purchased this brush because it was highly recommended from my makeup artist friend. I purchased this about two months ago and I have used it on every job since. I love using this brush to pack on color to the lid. Its soft bristles and rounded edge does wonders for eye shadow.
Purchase Here

3. MAC 109 Small Contour Brush

This brush can be used for so many different things. I use this to contour, for blush and to blend out foundation. This may be a miracle brush. I love the unique size of this rounded dome tipped brush. This would be a great "one and done" face brush. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Purchase Here

4. Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush

This vegan brush works wonders with any cream, liquid or powder foundation. I use this brush a ton to buff foundation into the skin. I love the flawless finish this brush creates. LOVE
Purchase Here 

5. MAC 217 Blending Brush

 This is an iconic brush in the makeup artist world. This is the eye brush that does it all. It was made for shading or blending products but it packs on color, is great for concealer and is amazing for contouring the nose. This brush, along with the 109, are two brushes that will make your life so much easier. I have three of these as well and use them on every single job I go on!
Purchase Here 

I have tons and tons of makeup brushes but I always love trying new ones! When you have great brushes it makes your morning routine neater, faster and much prettier :)

Let me know what your favorite makeup brushes are!!

I hope this was helpful :)


Monday, August 26, 2013

Maybelline "The Falsies Big Eyes Volum' Express" Mascara

Hello Everyone!
I purchased this mascara the other day at CVS and fell in love with it immediately. I have tried a lot of Maybelline Mascaras and I use about four different kinds in my pro kit as well.

I was very attracted to this product because I have been looking for a lower lash mascara. I chose this one because I loved the "2 in 1" concept. Not only is this mascara convenient, but it also works amazingly!

The "Upper Lash" side has a much larger brush with bristles that has a unique thick to thin shape. I find this side to have a much thicker formula that adds volume and thickens the lashes.

The "Lower Lash" side has a very small brush with small bristles. It is more of a "classic shape". This side does a great job of enhancing the lower lashes with out adding to much product.

Overall, I really love this mascara. I think the formula is great, I love both of the brushes, and it is convenient to throw into your makeup bag. The price for this product is $8.99 and you can purchase this at any drugstore or at Ulta.

Do you have a favorite mascara? Comment below and let me know what you love!

I hope this was helpful :)


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marc Jacobs: "Lolita" Eye Shadow Palette

Hello Everyone!
I am so sorry for not posting anything these past few weeks. I had a very unfortunate life situation that kept me busy and off the radar for a bit.

While I was off the radar for a bit, Marc Jacobs launched his new makeup line in Sephora! I finally had time today to go check it out today and everything looks BEAUTIFUL. I wanted to buy it all. The blushes looked incredible and he has a lot of nice lip colors. I decided to buy one thing that I would use the most and that is how "Lolita" came into my life :)

I purchased this at Sephora but you can also buy these products on Marc Jacobs website. This palette was $59.00 and unfortunately no pro discount. 

This palette came in this cloth covering, inside this box. I think the packaging is really beautiful. Its a slim black case with a good sized mirror inside!
 I fell in love with this palette the moment I saw it. I love neutral palettes that include matte, shimmer, and satin finishes. It reminds me of the "Naked" palette by Urban Decay with its super wearable yet unique shades.

The shades have no names so I will explain them in numerical order from left to right!


The first shade is a matte neutral cream. This is a perfect shade for highlight your brow bone or blending shadows from the crease. It is also a great base color.


I love this warm medium brown. It will be a beautiful all over lid color or to add dimension to the eye. For warmer skin tones this could work really well for a brow bone highlight!


This dark grayish brown is BEAUTIFUL. This is an amazing crease color. It could also be used on the lid for a wash of color or for a liner!! Love it.


This shade is the only color with actual chunks of glitter. It would be a nice accent color for the eye or for the tear duct.


This is the most unique shade in this palette. At first glance it looks like an average shimmery gold but when the light hits the shade it comes off pinkish purple. It is incredible :)


This is a really pretty color for a nice shimmery lid with a matte crease color. I also think this would be pretty in the tear duct.


I would say that this is the most average color in the palette. Most palettes include a gold because it is a wearable "normal" neutral color. Don't get me wrong this is a really pretty gold, but I know I have 5 other gold eye shadows very similar to this color. 

My first impression is that I really love this palette. I think I could wear this for two weeks straight and wear a different look every day. I love the packaging and how compact it is. The shadows also seem like great quality eye shadows. The only one I am questioning is the one with glitter chunks.. It seems a little to powdery. BUT I will have to use this over the next few weeks and give you an update!

Let me know if you have tried anything from the new Marc Jacobs makeup line. I would love some recommendations for other products to try! 

I hope this was helpful :) 


Monday, August 5, 2013

MAC Paint Pot's

Hello everyone!
I hope you all have had a fantastic Monday! I have had a really great day so far. I met with some really wonderful people this morning and I am going to start working with them on a web series. Super fun and exciting :)

ANYWAYS. I wanted to talk with you guys about a product that I love, MAC Paint Pots. Basically this product is "cream eye shadow" but I use it more as an eye shadow base (like urban decay eye primer or too faced shadow insurance). If I am doing a natural look I will use "Soft Ochre" or "Painterly" and if I am doing more of a smokey eye I will start with "Constructivist".

MAC makes many of these. I think at the moment they have about 17 different shades. These range from light to dark and matte to metallic. They have some limited edition colors ( which I included in the 17) . I have four of them. All of the shades I have are "neutral" or every day kinda colors.

1. "Painterly" a soft neutral with a pink undertone

2. "Soft Ochre" a soft neutral with a yellow undertone

3. "Groundwork" a medium matte brown

4. "Constructivist" a shimmery dark brown

3 ways to use this product: 

1. As an eye shadow base. I use "Soft Ochre" on almost all of my clients and on myself every day! I think it does a great job of neutralizing the eye lid and it helps the eye shadow last all day! 

2. As an all over lid color. "Groundwork" is a beautiful color for this. Just blend this color all over your lid apply some liner and mascara and you are good to go! ( and your face makeup of course ;) ). MAC has a lot of beautiful "one and done" kind of paint pots that would be perfect for just a wash of color. 

3. Start with a paint pot and build it up with eye shadow for a smokey eye. I use "Constructivist" for this. I will lay down a wash of color with this dark brown and build it up with eye shadows. MAC also makes a color called "Blackground" which is a blackish gray version that would be beautiful for a dark smokey eye! I will be adding that one to my collection soon :) 

This product is a must have in my makeup kit. I really love the pigment, the amount of product you get, and how long is lasts on your eye. I have never experienced any creasing. If you do have really oily skin you could apply a primer (like urban decay eye primer) underneath to give it that extra staying power. 

Price: $20.00 and $12.00 with pro discount 
You can find these online or in MAC stores.

Have a great week everybody!! 

I hope this was helpful :) 


Sunday, August 4, 2013

How To: Green Eye Liner

Hello Everyone!!
I am going to start a serious of blog posts on "How To's" and I decided to start with "How to: Wear Green Eyeliner". I wanted to start with a product that most people are terrified of so that I could show you that any color and any product can be worn in an every day look, it is all about how you apply it!

1. Apply an eye shadow base, I used MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre

2. Apply a gold eye shadow all over the lid up into the crease.

3. Take the gold underneath the eye

4. Take your green eye liner and apply to the upper lash line, like you would with your every day eye liner.

5. Take a brush (or a q-tip) and smudge out that line until you there is no distinct line anymore.

6. Then take your brush ( or your q-tip) and apply a tiny bit of gold eye shadow right over the green to give the ombre effect.

7. I then took a black eye liner in my lower and upper waterline.

8. Blend that bottom liner into the gold with a brush.

9. Curl your lashes!!

10. Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes!

As you can see above, this is a super wearable eye look. Also remember that if you don't usually wear makeup on your lower lash line, you can skip those steps and just do your lid!

With this look you can use any products that you already have! I used the items below:
 1. Make-Up Designory Eye Shadow in "Spanish Gold"

 2. Revlon Colorstay Eye Liner in " Emerald Empire"

 3. Urban Decay "Super Curling" mascara

I then finished my makeup with foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, and a nude lip color. This is the finished look:

Let me know if there are any makeup products that seem to scary to wear and I would love the challenge of creating a subtle every day look using them!

I hope you all enjoyed this and I hope you go out and give green eye liner a shot! This is would look amazing with green eyes!!

I hope this was helpful :)