Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tips For an Aspiring Makeup Artist

 I had the great pleasure of working with some awesome people on the short film "Moments" Directed by Van Gibbs at Graphite Pictures. Below is a still from the shoot. This is actress Elizabeth Keener and she is just as beautiful inside as out!!

So now lets talk makeup. I can just quickly go through and talk to you guys  about the products I use when I know we will be shooting outside and the questions I ask myself when I start doing makeup. First lets go over some questions you should ask when you begin a project. 
1. Who is this character?
2. What is his/her backstory?
3. What is the motivation of the scene?
4. What season is it? 
5. What does the director have in mind?
6. What should the overall feel be? 

It is so important to know the character and to know what kind of makeup he/she would wear. If you decide to do a dark smokey eye and a bright red lip on a character who is supposed to be grocery shopping on a Monday morning, not only will the audience be confused but the actor/ actress will be totally taken out of character. Your job is to help them be able to get more into character! So it is extremely important to know what you will be shooting and what is happening in the scene. 

Make sure as a makeup artist that you have a full kit ready to go. Most of the time for commercials or for short films you will not get to see the actor/actress before you meet them the morning of the shoot. Make sure that you have makeup for different skin tones, different skin types,  enough lip colors, enough eye shadow colors, etc.. Of course you do not need every single color of foundation or every single eye shadow that MAC carries but make sure you have what you need to get the job done.

Products I recommend for Film and Television:
1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation
2. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
3. Laura Mercier Primer Oil Free
4. MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre/Groundwork/ Painterly
5. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray
6. MAC Blushes
7. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
8. Anastasia Brow Pencils
9. Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencils
10.  MAC Blotting Powder

Things to keep in mind:
1. Anything sparkly/shimmery/glittery will look like sweat on HD cameras and it does not look pretty! Stick to the matte products.
2. Even if you are not "in charge" of hair, keep a hair kit with you, even if you leave it in the car.
3. ALWAYS have a lint roller and safety pins.. I know, I know you are not wardrobe.. But how good does it make you look when you are super prepared :)
4. Keep a first aid kit with you... Again I know you are not a medic.. but they will come to you when they have bug bites, cuts, etc.. Just trust me.
5. Make sure you dress weather appropriate and comfortable but still look professional!
6. PLEASE BE SANITARY. There is nothing more disgusting than using the same lip brush on two different people with out cleaning it.. Please just have 99% alcohol, hand sanitizer, beauty so clean, and brush cleaner with you on every job!!

Above is a picture captured on set! We were so lucky to film in such a gorgeous location!

Oh and always remember to stay positive and keep peoples spirit lifted! You never want to be the person causing the negativity.. It is not fun to be around. Trust me when I say you will have jobs that are easy breezy and then you will have 20 hour jobs that are the toughest days where you contemplate changing your career (just kidding I love my job :) ) but just stay positive!! It always ends up balancing out and will be worth it in the end!!

Okay well for those of you looking to get into the industry I truly hope this was helpful!

- I am watching Harry Potter.. It gets better every time.
- Had a wonderful Bridal Trial today! I love working with Brides :)
- Our short film for the 48 hour film festival called "Strain" won 1st runner up!! So exciting :)

Okay well you all have a great night and YAY tomorrow if Friday!!

I hope this was helpful!


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