Saturday, July 27, 2013

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Hello Everyone!!
I wanted to share with you guys one of the foundations that I use the most, which is the Makeup Forever HD Foundation. These foundations are $42.00 regularly and $25.20 with the professional discount. There are a couple of reasons why I love these foundations:
1. The shade range is incredible! They have 26 shades that they carry which means that it is much easier for people to find an exact match for themselves!!

2. It truly looks amazing on the skin. It blends in and it covers redness and minor imperfections but still leaves the skin with a completely natural finish.

3. It looks incredible on TV and Film! I use this foundation on 90% of people that I work with for Film and TV work.

4. It has a pump!!! I love foundations that come with pumps.. It is so sanitary and so easy to use.

Random Info: -It comes with 1.01oz of product (a pretty common amount in high end foundations)
                     - Some of a yellow undertone and some have a pink undertone
                     - They sell this foundation at Sephora

Above are the shades that I have. I have 8 shades that range from the second to the lightest shade they offer to the to darkest shade.

Above you can see them swatched ( this is with out any blending ). I find that with these 8 shades I can mix and match to suit pretty much any body.

(from left to right)
1. N185 (Ebony)- This is for "dark skin with dark beige undertones" (darkest shade they carry)
2. N177 (Cognac)- This is for "dark skin with yellow undertones"
3. N153 (Golden Honey)- This is for "medium skin with olive undertones"
4. N128 (Almond) - This if for "medium skin with beige undertones"
5. N127 (Dark Sand)- This if for "medium skin with yellow undertones"
6. N117 (Marble)- This if for "light skin with yellow undertones"
7. N115 (Ivory)- This is for "light skin with pink undertones"
8. N110 (Pink Porcelain)- This is for "porcelain skin with pink undertones"

Just to give you an idea in comparison, I am shade N115 (Ivory) and I am pretty fair.

What I do not like about these foundations:
1. The packaging is terrible for professionals. The glass bottles are really heavy and when they all are in my zuca pouch along with other foundations the plastic lids seem to always break and crack.
I will probably depot these into plastic bottles that have a pump.

2.  This is a wonderful foundation for people with pretty good skin. I find that if someone has any major imperfections, acne, discoloration etc. I need a lot more coverage than what this offers. Sometimes I can get away with it if I used a really pigmented concealer but majority of the time I just have to use something else.

3. I have found that this foundation does not work that well with dry skin (neither does the concealer palettes by Makeup Forever). It seems to really cling to those dry areas and make the skin appear a lot worse.

Besides those three things, this foundation has been an essential tool for me. I will carry this in my kit for a long time!!

I hope this was helpful!

-Hope Ferguson 


  1. Wow, I wish I had the professionals discount! What a savings :) Great review, thanks for the post!

    1. Yeah that discount is a life saver!!! Thanks for the comment!!


  2. Looks great, have to try it sometime¨!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Yes I would highly recommend trying it!! It is quite lovely :)

  3. They look quite nice, but it's a shame they are not good for acne/flawed skin.. so not for me!
    Really like your review


    1. I honestly have been having issues with my skin lately also! I have been using a more full coverage foundation!

      What foundation do you use??