Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 4th Makeup Ideas

Hello Everyone! 
I don't know about you but for me holidays are a fun time to experiment with makeup and colors that you would not usually wear on a day to day basis. July 4th is no different! Red, White and Blue are fun vibrant colors that, when done right, can look great on everyone!! 

I did some research and I found some great makeup products that could be really fun!! 


 Laura Mercier is one of my favorite brands! They are really well known for their face products but I love their eye products as well! This picture to the left is called "Caviar Stick Eye Color" and this shade is "Saphire". This is a cream eye shadow in stick form. It is really easy to apply and stays on a long time! I think this color would be really pretty smudged on the lid with a beige/tan color for the brow bone. This color paired with a brown toned blush and a neutral lip color would be really pretty!!! This is a totally wearable blue and would look great with your July 4th attire!!

Price: $24.00   ($14.40 with pro discount)

 Who doesn't like Urban Decay eyeshadow? I mean they are pigmented, easy to apply, and stay on for hours and hours. This eye shadow in the shade "Evidence" is the perfect color to work into your outfit tomorrow! It has a nice satin finish with out any major shimmer. Another fun way to wear this color is to line your bottom lash line with this shadow just to add a pop of color to any eye look :)  Again with any blue eye shadow stay natural with the rest of your look! 

Price:  $18.00 ( $10.80 with pro discount) 

Remember my last post when I discussed the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil.. Well that pencil comes in this beautiful red shade called "Kiss Me Quick". This pencil is not just a July 4th must have it is a makeup kit must have. These pencils last all day long! I can not speak highly enough of this product! A red lip looks great with a natural eye and cheeks. Unless of course you want to take it a step further and add a nice black winged liner with some lashes! This is a classic look and would look great with your red bandana and denim shorts ;)

 Price: $19.50 ( $11.70 with pro discount) 

 Not near a MAC or Sephora? No problem! Just head out to your local drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid) and pick up the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade #1. It is a beautiful long lasting red lipstick that you can enjoy for lots of events or even just to spice up your make up looks during the work week! I always suggest to line your lips before applying a red lipstick! Add a gold or deep red gloss over this to give it a nice shine! 

Price: $5.00 ( cant beat it!)

Are you feeling extra daring this July 4th?? Try this beautiful NARS blush in " Exhibit A".  NARS blushes are very pigmented so be extra careful when applying this amazing red blush. But when done right this would be incredible. I picture this blush with a beige and gold eye look and a tan lipstick. Add a gold highlight right above this on the cheek bone and you are ready to go!! For some reason I also picture a "top knot" bun with this blush. It would also be adorable with a white over sized t-shirt and jean shirts! SO CUTE :) 

Price: $29.00 ( $17.40 with pro discount) 

Alright well I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!!  If you decide to try something new for your makeup tomorrow make sure and tweet me a picture or tag me on instagram!! 

Twitter: HopefergusonMUA

  • I did a bridal makeup trial today for a girl I went to high school with ( Victoria if you are reading this HEY!!) It is amazing how fast time goes by!! I felt like high school was just yesterday.
  • I am sad that it is supposed to rain here tomorrow.. Won't stop me from rockin my red lipstick! 
  • I am excited to go to the beach on Saturday! 

 I hope this was helpful :)


  1. Hi, Hope! I really love your blog! You are totally selling me on that blush right now. I tagged you in my Liebster Blog Award nominations at :)

    1. Hey Jenny!!
      Thanks so much :) I really appreciate the love!! I love your blog as well!! Thanks so much for tagging me. I will do a post tonight