Friday, July 26, 2013

Customized Laura Mercier Palette

Hello Everyone and happy Friday!
 So I don't know about you guys but I love eye shadow palettes, blush palettes, and basically anything else that is in palette form. I one day was on the Laura Mercier website and and stumbled upon this gem.
This is a 6 pan empty palette and it is only $10.00 to buy this little beauty. I then decided to try a bunch of her eye shadows because I had never tried them before. Her eye shadows come in three different finishes; matte, sateen and luster. I do not particularly love shimmery eye shadows but I wanted to at least try one of each so that is what I did!

Her eye shadows are $23.00 each ( $13.80 with pro discount) and you get .o9oz of product. Just to throw out a comparison MAC eye shadows have .05oz in them.

These are the colors I chose:

 1. "Buttercream" Matte eyeshadow: A nice pale neutral shade.

2. "Plum Smoke" Matte Eyeshadow: Matte light purple

3. "Truffle" Matte Eyeshadow: A medium warm brown

4. "Rose" Sateen Eye Shadow: A subtle pale pink

5. "African Violet" Luster Eye Shadow: A medium pinky/purple with gold undertone 

6.  "Kir Royal" Sateen Eye Shadow: A deep purple with a satin finish 

I am actually slightly obsessed with this palette and her eye shadows in general. I think that they have amazing pigmentation ( all of these are swatched with out primer) and they last well over 8 hours. They also carry these eye shadows ( and palette) in Sephora but they do not carry her whole shade range so check her website for the rest of them!! 

 Above you can see the shadows in action!! I used "American Violet" on my lid, "Truffle" to define my crease, "Plum Smoke" to add depth to the crease, and "Buttercream" on my brow bone. 

I then took "Plum Smoke" under the eye and blended that into my brown liner that was in my waterline. 

I used a cream gel liner from Smashbox as my liner up top and Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara (LOVE). 

I have MAC's lipstick in "Creme Cup" on my lips.. such a lovely pink! 

I hope you all enjoy this look and I would highly recommend testing out some Laura Mercier Eye Shadow :) 

I hope this was helpful!

- Hope 

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