Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HAUL: Chanel, Givenchy and MAC

Hello Everyone!!
So yesterday I spent the afternoon with my good friend who is also a makeup artist (HEY BETH). After we were finished practicing we thought it would be a good idea to take a "quick" trip to the mall to look at some products. This "quick" trip ended up turning into 4 hours where we may have swatched every Bobbi Brown, MAC, Chanel and Givenchy products.

Below is the damage :)

1. MAC eye shadow in "Malt":

 This color may look exceptionally boring but it is the perfect color to blend out crease colors and it is also a beautiful color to wear on the lid to just add a wash of color! LOVE :)
Price: $15.00 and $9.00 with the pro discount

2. MAC eye shadow in "Print"

I was going through my eye shadow collection and I realized that I didn't have a gray eye shadow. When I found this it really stood out. I love using grays in smokey eyes and it would also be a beautiful all over lid color.
Price: $15.00 and $9.00 with the pro discount

3. MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner in "Staunchly Stylish"

 You know how I love these Pro Longwear Lip Liners. They are incredible!!! I decided to pick up an "everyday" color that I can use for film/tv work. I thought this would go with a lot of lip colors that I have!
Price: $19.50 and  $11.70 with the pro discount

4. Givenchy Khol Eye Liner in "Coffee" 

So here is the dealio with this color... I was looking for a deep plum. I feel like most brands that carry a Violet eye liner, carry a vibrant purple eye liner rather than a plum. This eye liner is called "coffee" but when swatched it actually looks much more purple. I am not sure if you can tell in the picture above but it is the perfect plum! I was so excited and shout out to the sephora rep who helped me find it!
Price: $22.50

I am still on the hunt for the perfect dark gray eye liner.. I believe Bobbi Brown just may have it!!

5. MAC eye brush in"239"
So sorry about my horrible nail polish!! This brush seems to be pretty popular! My friend Beth recommended it and I decided to go for it! This is for packing color on the lid. I am really excited to try it :)
Price: $25.00 and $15.00 with the pro discount


6. Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation in shade "20"

I have been wanting this foundation for about a year now. I just could not justify spending this much on something that I could get from a different brand for much less. When I saw this foundation on Beth, I fell in love all over again. It looked so beautiful on her skin and it sold me on it. I will have to try this for a while before I actually decide to put it in my pro kit but if it is actually this beautiful then I may just have to have it for clients!
Price: $55.00

Well I hope you all enjoyed this blog! Does anybody else spend way to much money on makeup?? haha
Let me know of any products you have recently picked up.

I am sure this will not be the last you hear of these products!

I hope you all have had a good Tuesday so far!

I hope this was helpful :)


Monday, July 29, 2013

July Makeup Favorites

Hello Everyone!
I can not believe how fast July has gone by! It is crazyyyy. Anyways I thought I would put together some items that I have been loving! These are the items that I kept reaching for time and time again this month!

1. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder:
Okay so first you may notice that it is completely smashed. This is my second one of these and both times I have hit pan they have began to crack. I then dropped it on accident and it completely shattered. I think that you truly love a product when you continue to use it.. ANYWAYS I love this powder. It is the only powder that keeps my skin matte during these hot summer months. You can find this at the drugstore (or anywhere that sells Rimmel) and it costs less then $5.00! I will be repurchasing a new one the next time a go to CVS :)

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation:

 This is a new addition to my makeup collection and I just can not get enough of it! It is super long lasting but light weight. It gives me just enough coverage and yet still feels light enough for summer time! I have the lightest shade and it matches my skin perfectly! I have been using this a ton and it was such a great purchase! I think some of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundations may end up finding a new home in my pro makeup kit soon :)  This foundation is $37.00 and you can find it on the Estee Lauder website or any other department store that sells Estee Lauder products.

3. MAC Lipstick in "Diva":

Even though this is not a bright summery color it has been my go to lip color this month. I love this deep rich berry  color against my fair skin. It does last 4-6 hours and I find that I will reapply somewhere in between. It matches so many different outfits and colors! This is $15.00 and $9.00 with the pro discount! You can find this at any MAC store or on the MAC website.

4. MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner in "In Anticipation":

If I am not wearing "Diva" you will find me wearing this lip liner all over my lips. It is the most beautiful pink and it lasts allllllll day long. I will pop this on and add a gloss over it. I did another blog post about this color and it still blows me away every time I wear it. I tried to pick up some more colors at the MAC store the other day but they were sold out of all of the colors I wanted :(  This lip liner is $19.50 and $11.70 with the pro discount. You can find this on the MAC website or ( I believe) select MAC stores.

5. Urban Decay shadow in "YDK":

 This eye shadow is from an old Urban Decay Palette. I purchased this on sale from ULTA about 4 months ago and I have been using this color like crazy! I find myself using this as a one color eye shadow look a lot. It a beautiful gold which has a rose gold feel to it. It is a beautiful lid color as well.  This has been my go to eye shadow color when I am in a hurry or just don't want to spend tons of time thinking about an eye look.

It comes from this palette

I did a blog post about this palette as well! It was the Urban Decay Sustainable eye shadow palette! I am not sure where you can find this palette anymore. Maybe in an ULTA? But you can buy this shade online an in individual form. It costs $18.00 and $10.80 with the pro discount. I will probably buy it as an individual soon because I use it more than any other color in the palette and it may be more convenient. hmmm

Well I hope you all have had a great July! What have been some of your favorite products this month? I have some great blog posts and reviews coming up for you all in August so stay tuned! Also follow me on twitter and Instagram for other reviews and updates!!!

Twitter: hopefergusonMUA

Comment below and let me know what other reviews you want to see in August!!

I hope this was helpful :)


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Makeup Forever HD Foundation

Hello Everyone!!
I wanted to share with you guys one of the foundations that I use the most, which is the Makeup Forever HD Foundation. These foundations are $42.00 regularly and $25.20 with the professional discount. There are a couple of reasons why I love these foundations:
1. The shade range is incredible! They have 26 shades that they carry which means that it is much easier for people to find an exact match for themselves!!

2. It truly looks amazing on the skin. It blends in and it covers redness and minor imperfections but still leaves the skin with a completely natural finish.

3. It looks incredible on TV and Film! I use this foundation on 90% of people that I work with for Film and TV work.

4. It has a pump!!! I love foundations that come with pumps.. It is so sanitary and so easy to use.

Random Info: -It comes with 1.01oz of product (a pretty common amount in high end foundations)
                     - Some of a yellow undertone and some have a pink undertone
                     - They sell this foundation at Sephora

Above are the shades that I have. I have 8 shades that range from the second to the lightest shade they offer to the to darkest shade.

Above you can see them swatched ( this is with out any blending ). I find that with these 8 shades I can mix and match to suit pretty much any body.

(from left to right)
1. N185 (Ebony)- This is for "dark skin with dark beige undertones" (darkest shade they carry)
2. N177 (Cognac)- This is for "dark skin with yellow undertones"
3. N153 (Golden Honey)- This is for "medium skin with olive undertones"
4. N128 (Almond) - This if for "medium skin with beige undertones"
5. N127 (Dark Sand)- This if for "medium skin with yellow undertones"
6. N117 (Marble)- This if for "light skin with yellow undertones"
7. N115 (Ivory)- This is for "light skin with pink undertones"
8. N110 (Pink Porcelain)- This is for "porcelain skin with pink undertones"

Just to give you an idea in comparison, I am shade N115 (Ivory) and I am pretty fair.

What I do not like about these foundations:
1. The packaging is terrible for professionals. The glass bottles are really heavy and when they all are in my zuca pouch along with other foundations the plastic lids seem to always break and crack.
I will probably depot these into plastic bottles that have a pump.

2.  This is a wonderful foundation for people with pretty good skin. I find that if someone has any major imperfections, acne, discoloration etc. I need a lot more coverage than what this offers. Sometimes I can get away with it if I used a really pigmented concealer but majority of the time I just have to use something else.

3. I have found that this foundation does not work that well with dry skin (neither does the concealer palettes by Makeup Forever). It seems to really cling to those dry areas and make the skin appear a lot worse.

Besides those three things, this foundation has been an essential tool for me. I will carry this in my kit for a long time!!

I hope this was helpful!

-Hope Ferguson 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Customized Laura Mercier Palette

Hello Everyone and happy Friday!
 So I don't know about you guys but I love eye shadow palettes, blush palettes, and basically anything else that is in palette form. I one day was on the Laura Mercier website and and stumbled upon this gem.
This is a 6 pan empty palette and it is only $10.00 to buy this little beauty. I then decided to try a bunch of her eye shadows because I had never tried them before. Her eye shadows come in three different finishes; matte, sateen and luster. I do not particularly love shimmery eye shadows but I wanted to at least try one of each so that is what I did!

Her eye shadows are $23.00 each ( $13.80 with pro discount) and you get .o9oz of product. Just to throw out a comparison MAC eye shadows have .05oz in them.

These are the colors I chose:

 1. "Buttercream" Matte eyeshadow: A nice pale neutral shade.

2. "Plum Smoke" Matte Eyeshadow: Matte light purple

3. "Truffle" Matte Eyeshadow: A medium warm brown

4. "Rose" Sateen Eye Shadow: A subtle pale pink

5. "African Violet" Luster Eye Shadow: A medium pinky/purple with gold undertone 

6.  "Kir Royal" Sateen Eye Shadow: A deep purple with a satin finish 

I am actually slightly obsessed with this palette and her eye shadows in general. I think that they have amazing pigmentation ( all of these are swatched with out primer) and they last well over 8 hours. They also carry these eye shadows ( and palette) in Sephora but they do not carry her whole shade range so check her website for the rest of them!! 

 Above you can see the shadows in action!! I used "American Violet" on my lid, "Truffle" to define my crease, "Plum Smoke" to add depth to the crease, and "Buttercream" on my brow bone. 

I then took "Plum Smoke" under the eye and blended that into my brown liner that was in my waterline. 

I used a cream gel liner from Smashbox as my liner up top and Urban Decay Super Curl Curling Mascara (LOVE). 

I have MAC's lipstick in "Creme Cup" on my lips.. such a lovely pink! 

I hope you all enjoy this look and I would highly recommend testing out some Laura Mercier Eye Shadow :) 

I hope this was helpful!

- Hope 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tips For an Aspiring Makeup Artist

 I had the great pleasure of working with some awesome people on the short film "Moments" Directed by Van Gibbs at Graphite Pictures. Below is a still from the shoot. This is actress Elizabeth Keener and she is just as beautiful inside as out!!

So now lets talk makeup. I can just quickly go through and talk to you guys  about the products I use when I know we will be shooting outside and the questions I ask myself when I start doing makeup. First lets go over some questions you should ask when you begin a project. 
1. Who is this character?
2. What is his/her backstory?
3. What is the motivation of the scene?
4. What season is it? 
5. What does the director have in mind?
6. What should the overall feel be? 

It is so important to know the character and to know what kind of makeup he/she would wear. If you decide to do a dark smokey eye and a bright red lip on a character who is supposed to be grocery shopping on a Monday morning, not only will the audience be confused but the actor/ actress will be totally taken out of character. Your job is to help them be able to get more into character! So it is extremely important to know what you will be shooting and what is happening in the scene. 

Make sure as a makeup artist that you have a full kit ready to go. Most of the time for commercials or for short films you will not get to see the actor/actress before you meet them the morning of the shoot. Make sure that you have makeup for different skin tones, different skin types,  enough lip colors, enough eye shadow colors, etc.. Of course you do not need every single color of foundation or every single eye shadow that MAC carries but make sure you have what you need to get the job done.

Products I recommend for Film and Television:
1. Makeup Forever HD Foundation
2. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
3. Laura Mercier Primer Oil Free
4. MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre/Groundwork/ Painterly
5. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray
6. MAC Blushes
7. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
8. Anastasia Brow Pencils
9. Estee Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencils
10.  MAC Blotting Powder

Things to keep in mind:
1. Anything sparkly/shimmery/glittery will look like sweat on HD cameras and it does not look pretty! Stick to the matte products.
2. Even if you are not "in charge" of hair, keep a hair kit with you, even if you leave it in the car.
3. ALWAYS have a lint roller and safety pins.. I know, I know you are not wardrobe.. But how good does it make you look when you are super prepared :)
4. Keep a first aid kit with you... Again I know you are not a medic.. but they will come to you when they have bug bites, cuts, etc.. Just trust me.
5. Make sure you dress weather appropriate and comfortable but still look professional!
6. PLEASE BE SANITARY. There is nothing more disgusting than using the same lip brush on two different people with out cleaning it.. Please just have 99% alcohol, hand sanitizer, beauty so clean, and brush cleaner with you on every job!!

Above is a picture captured on set! We were so lucky to film in such a gorgeous location!

Oh and always remember to stay positive and keep peoples spirit lifted! You never want to be the person causing the negativity.. It is not fun to be around. Trust me when I say you will have jobs that are easy breezy and then you will have 20 hour jobs that are the toughest days where you contemplate changing your career (just kidding I love my job :) ) but just stay positive!! It always ends up balancing out and will be worth it in the end!!

Okay well for those of you looking to get into the industry I truly hope this was helpful!

- I am watching Harry Potter.. It gets better every time.
- Had a wonderful Bridal Trial today! I love working with Brides :)
- Our short film for the 48 hour film festival called "Strain" won 1st runner up!! So exciting :)

Okay well you all have a great night and YAY tomorrow if Friday!!

I hope this was helpful!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things I want to try :)

Hello everyone!
So I have been trying to keep track of things I want to try and the list just keeps on growing.. I figured I would blog about it and hopefully get some feed back and see what you guys like the most!! My birthday is coming up soon too so thought this could also double as a wish list! Again any feedback on these products or any others would be amazing :)

 The first product I want to try is a Chanel "Joues Contraste Powder Blush" in the shade "70 Tumulte". Lisa Eldrige ( famous makeup artist and you tuber) swears by Chanel blushes and I just want to give them a shot. I wonder if the $43.00 price tag will be worth it. It is a gorgeous color though..

The second product I want to try is the Dior Eyeshadow "5 Couleurs Palette". I do not have a specific palette to try but I am thinking something more on the wearable side such as the one above called "Earth Reflection". The eye shadows are super pigmented ( I have gone to the counters and swatched many times) but I am wondering if they are anything special.. I love my Urban Decay, Mac, MUD, Smashbox and Laura Mercier Eye Shadows that I have in my kit and I just get so curious on how these differ or if they are better or worse... Hmmm so tempting. These 5 color palettes are $60.00. BUT you are getting 5 shadows which averages out to $12.00 each..
 Okay this Chanel "Soleil Tan De Chanel" bronzer seems to be a staple in a lot of makeup artist's personal and professional kit. I believe it is a cream/gel bronzer which I am assuming feels like applying a whipped foundation. I have heard that it is super easy to blend and gives a beautiful natural glow to the skin. I am very fair and I love finding natural bronzers that will give me a glow with out over powering my face.. This I will definitely try soon. This product is $48.00.
 It may seem like I am on a Chanel kick but this is only because I have never used anything from this brand and it seems like once artists put this in their kit it never comes out... This foundation seems pretty great. It is called "Perfection Lumiere" It is a medium coverage foundation that still leaves a healthy glow to the skin. It looks really natural and it must photograph well because a lot of celebrities use this on the red carpet ( or the Vitalumiere Aqua). Yes it does have SPF in it and I would not normally use any SPF when I know my clients will be photographed but I know some ingredients that make up SPF flashback more than others so I will have to do some more research.. Overall this foundation will have to battle to the death with Georgio Armani Luminous Silk because these are the two high end foundations I have been craving to try. This costs $55.00 and I will be VERY curious if it is worth the steep price tag.
I do not usually buy lip stick palettes already made ( besides the Bite holiday palette) because I like to combine colors to create my own palettes. But in this case, the six shades in this MAC Palette seem really pretty and wearable. The shades are "Pretty Please" (top left) ", Creme De Fa Femme" (middle left), "Show Orchid" (bottom left), "Lovelorn" (top right), "Please Me" (middle right) and "Violetta" (bottom right). Obviously "Show Orchid" and "Violetta" are vivid bright colors so they might not be the most wearable colors on there own but with a little mixing action I feel like I can make them work!! The price for this palette is $40.00 and $24.00 with the pro discount. I believe MAC does at least 4 or 5 of these in different color families.

So after reviewing the products I just discussed I just realized that I basically have a whole face of makeup I want to try! A blush, eye shadows, foundation, bronzer, and a lip palette.. I feel obligated to throw out a mascara and eye liner now too... I want to try Diorshow mascara and Bobbi Brown gel liner... now we are complete :)

 Well let me know if you have tried any of these products and share your thoughts!!!! Comment below and let me know one of your holy grail products!!  (a product you can not live with out).

*Seth and I had a lovely date yesterday. He treated me to a pedicure (which I desperately needed) and then we went to Atlantic Station and shopped and had dinner!

*I came up with 5 new makeup looks I want to film and post on you tube! I know I know I have not made one in a while.. BUT I wanted to wait on a new camera and I finally have it!

* I am watching The Shawshank Redemption right now and I always forget how good this movie is until it hooks me in.

Okay well I hope you all have a great day!!

I hope this was helpful :)