Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beautylish Website: Inglot Cosmetics

Thanks to Stefanie Paige Vivian I discovered this wonderful website!!!! It is I love it. It is like all the amazing brands that are semi hard to buy. I purchased my first Inglot products from this website!! I also got $10 off for signing up!! YAY. 

On top of loving this website, I love my products that I purchased!! I purchased a 5 pan palette and a 4 pan palette and filled it with 5 eyeshadows, 1 concealer, 1 lipstick, 1 brow powder and 1 brow gel.

So far this is my opinion on the products:

1. Eye Shadows: I love love love these eye shadows.. If I would have known about these earlier I would have stocked my whole kit with these eye shadows. They are incredible quality, they do not have much fall out, and they are SO pigmented. OH and they last FOREVER with out creasing.  So you must be saying to yourself.. " They must be so expensive then" wrong!!!! They are only $6.00 per eye shadow and they are huge! I literally can not think of any downside actually. I want so many more colors! I also found that the colors online are very true to the color that you receive. Brilliant.. Here is the picture

I decided to go with colors that I wear most often.

-313 Matte   ( A matte off white)
-397 Pearl    ( Satin pink with old undertones)
-327 Matte   (Matte brown)
-452 Pearl    ( Satin maroon with gold undertones)
-391 Matte   (Matte Black)


The other quad that I purchased I put four different products in:

1. (top left) Lipstick-Shade 67: I really like this lip color. It is a pinky neutral color that I feels adds structure to my makeup looks with out being over powering. I love wearing this shade with a heavier eye look. This lipstick is only $6.00! It does not last that long which is its only downfall but its really beautiful so I don't mind bringing it with me and reapplying it.

2. (top right) Concealer- Light Warm 100: This concealer is a really great shade for my skin tone. It is a bit yellow but it doesn't bother me that much because I can balance it out with a cooler pinky toned powder if I need to. Its consistency is sorta weird though. It is pretty tacky and not smooth. It looks like it would be similiar to the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer but it is a lot stickier. Lasting power is okay. Not great but not terrible. Again this product was only $6.00 which is a lot cheaper than most so it is not like I am in the hole. Overall I am really happy I tried it but sad that it isn't great.

3. (bottom left) Brow Wax- Shade 571: I do not understand this product.. haha I feel so useless when I try to use this. I feel like it just makes my my brows wet and sticky and gross..  PLEASE IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO USE THIS MESSAGE ME OR COMMENT BELOW. I feel like the only brow gel I have used was in a tube with with a mascara wand and that makes it so much easier. I do not understand this but I want to make sure I am using it right before I totally bash it. Also $6.00.

4. (bottom right) Brow Powder- Shade 560: LOVE this product its the perfect cool brown for my eyebrows! It lasts a long time and its super pigmented as well! I needed this really bad also because my maybelline brow powder is hanging on the last limb. Again $6.00 for this as well. Such a great price!!

Overall I am really diggin Inglot products!! I want to buy more eye shadows as soon as possible! Smiles all around for this amazing purchase!

Oh I forgot to mention the "5 pan palette" was and $11.00  the "4 pan palette" was $10.00.  Now I want the "20 pan palette" :)

P.S. Within the last month I quit my part time job and I am pursuing makeup full time! I am so happy that I did. I have been so busy and I am so extremely thankful for all of the amazing opportunities that have come my way. Cheers to doing what you love :) 

P.S.S. I really want to take a trip to LA this fall. I have never been out west and I think I will enjoy myself out there. I can visit all of my new friends that I have made and that would make me happy.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!