Thursday, May 2, 2013

Check Out This Brand!: Tarte

Amazonian clay 12-hour blush -

All natural beauty products are a rarity in the beauty industry. Tarte not only has a lot of great all natural ingredients in their products they also have INCREDIBLE products. I find that with most "all natural" or"mineral" products that they tend to wear off much quicker than other products.

This is the Tarte Story:
"Before I started tarte out of my one bedroom apartment in 1999, I was a total beauty addict like you but quickly became frustrated when I couldn’t find healthy, nourishing cosmetics – everything I found was full of unhealthy, synthetic formulas. And whether it was department store makeup or one of the very few ‘healthy’ makeup lines I was able to find, the packaging was so unglamorous I hardly wanted to buy it let alone take it out of my purse in public!
So I set out to create a line that would prove that glamour can be good for you by pioneering the use of high-performance naturals™ that bring clinical results to the everyday woman! Ten years later tarte is the leader in earth engineered™ beauty offering the widest selection of natural cosmetics full of skinvigorating™ ingredients including our proprietary t5 super fruit complex™ (a blend of the five most active, free-radical fighting super fruits), vitamins, minerals and natural fruit and plant extracts. But it’s not just about what’s in our healthy formulas; it’s what’s not in them that really sets us apart! Our products are formulated without parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances, just to name a few.
We don’t just stop at the formulas – our chic, runway-inspired cases and compacts are more than just pretty packaging. We’re helping reduce green house gas emissions one mascara at a time by creating components that are made from recyclable or post-consumer recycled material and can often be re-used to help reduce environmental waste. We like to say we’re doing the ‘leg work’ to help all of us minimize our carbon footprints.

I hope you enjoy your tarte purchase and remember:
be green, be smart, be tarte!

-Maureen Kelly CEO/Founder

I have used a lot of Tarte products and they have all been pretty wonderful! Some things that I love:

1. Amazonian Clay 24 Hour Blush ($26.00)
2. multiplEYE Lash Enhancing Primer ($22.00)
3. Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara ($19.00)
4. emphasEYES high-definition eye pencil ($18.00)
5. The Buffer Airbrush Foundation Brush ($32.00)

I appreciate what Tarte is doing and I hope that one day more brands will find a way to do what they have done. If you have not tried anything from Tarte you should go to Sephora or go online and check them out!!

I hope this was helpful! :)

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