Monday, April 15, 2013

Concealers On My Mind

Hello All!

I was going through my makeup kit today and I kept finding myself thinking I want to try more concealers. I have discovered a few this year that I LOVE but its always fun to explore and find new holy grail products.

First, I want to explain what a concealer/ corrector does and why I use them. A corrector is a tool to counter act any discoloration, dark circles, blemishes etc. In order to do so, you need to find the opposite color on the color wheel.


If you have blue toned under eye circles, you would conceal with a salmon concealer.

If you have redness in your skin or blemishes, you would use a green based concealer.

If you have purple toned under eye circles, you would use a yellow based concealer.

This is the makeup "rule" but really there are no rules in makeup... I generally stick to the color wheel when it comes to adjusting foundations and covering under eye circles. I personally break the rules when it comes to concealing blemishes and redness. In order to conceal redness you need to match the tone and shade exactly. Unless I am doing a wedding trial or just messing around I generally do not have the time to figure it out.  I will conceal blemishes with a yellow toned concealer that matches the skin color. I find this technique works brilliantly. Adding a few layers will cover the blemish completely. (remember its only makeup, it will not cover any three dimensional blemishes, scars, bumps, etc)

Now that brings us onto concealer. I tend to use concealer to even out the skin tone. I conceal under the eyes ( a shade lighter than foundation) which brightens under the eye area. I also conceal around the nose, on the sides of the mouth, and any other area that you find needs a bit of extra coverage.

Onto the fun part..

These are the concealers/ correctors that I have in my kit:

BBU Palette
This is the Bobbi Brown BBU palette. It has all of her correctors and concealers AND all of her stick foundations (which I also love).  This is amazing because you will have everything you need all in one place. She also sells individual colors with the corrector/concealer combo. These would be great for everyday use.
They are super creamy and really easy to work with!
Chantilly Radiant Creamy Concealer
This is my new love. I have three shades of the new NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. These concealers are almost perfection in a tube. They do not crease, they last a lifetime, and there is a fairly good color range. My only problem is the packaging. I hate products that make it  hard to be sanitary. I love squeeze tubes and I love creams in pots. But this does not stop me from using it!! I just wipe the product from the wand onto my stainless steel palette. ANYWAYS... for every day use and women looking for a great concealer THIS IS IT. I love it.

This is the Make Up Designory Concealer Palette. I used this all through school and I still have it in my kit! These are cream concealers. It is a super convenient palette because it has a wide variety of shades and correctors. I will say though that I wish the orange was more salmon colored and the green was more of a yellow.. Its almost like the Left row is the only row that has been touched. I do like these a lot though. They are full coverage and photograph beautiful!

I absolutely have what I need to get the job done but I always love testing new products and discovering new goodies. I have been looking into Smashbox, Amazing, and Cover FX concealers. These are next on my list to try!!

If you have a holy grail concealer please comment and let us know what it is!!

I hope this was helpful!

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