Friday, January 18, 2013

Small Target HAUL

 Hello Everyone!
I stopped by Target on my way home today and found a few goodies. I purchased all of these items for under $30!!

Elf Eye Shadow Brush: $1.00
Elf Bronzing Brush: $1.00
Elf Liquid Eyeliner: $1.00
Altoids: $.99
Elf Eye Lashes $1.00
Small Silver Bucket: $1.00
NYC 16 hr Lip Stain: $4.49 each X 4= $18.00

These are the four shades I bought. I actually originally purchased the "Forever Fuchsia" and I put it on in the car. I liked it so much I ran back inside and purchased the other three shades! They are extremely pigmented for a stain. The colors are fun and bright! I really enjoy the color range that is offered as well. This will be my first time using NYC lip products and it is my first day wearing them so I can not judge the "16 hr" claim but I have a feeling I won't be disappointed.

I am really excited to try these E.L.F products as well. I have a huge E.L.F order that is coming in so I will do a HAUL on that as soon as I get it. I have only used a few of their products but everything I have tried has been wonderful and how can you beat $1.00 products?? The brushes seem to be pretty good quality and I am super excited to try the eyeliner because I keep hearing people rave about it!

The little silver bucket is for my lip products (or whatever else I can use it for). I have a really small five drawer plastic container that is beginning to overflow so I figured this could be a cute little gadget to hold some lip products!! Again.. $1.00!!!

Also, (random statement) my drink in the corner is from the Starbucks that is in Target. I tried passion tea lemonade. I have never had this before and all I can say is YUM. I would definitely recommend this drink!

Let me know what products you would like to see next!

I hope this was helpful!  

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