Tuesday, January 22, 2013

E.L.F Haul/ First Impressions: Eye Shadows

Hello Everyone!
I finally received my E.L.F online order and thought I would share my thoughts with you! I purchased quite a bit because the website had some awesome sales! I figured I would split this up into a couple of different posts so you could read what interests you! I am starting this series off with all of the eye shadows I purchased.

I have tried a few E.L.F products like blushes, the eyeliner, and some brushes (if you read my "Target Haul" a few days ago you know what I am talking about). I have heard great things about this brand so I decided to take the plunge and order a bunch of products. This brand is really inexpensive which is why I am able to order a lot of products and test them out. I am a sucker for eye shadow palettes and for $5.00 or less I literally can't turn them down!

The eyeshadow palette above was only $1.00! It is the "Brightening Eye Color: Luxe". This palette is a lot brighter and more shimmery than I thought it would be! I am actually very glad that it is brighter! I think these shades are gorgeous!! When I opened it up the pinky/coral shade blew me away! This palette is rich and the shadows are really pigmented. I do have another one of these quads and it is called "Drama". I am not a big fan of that palette. They eye shadows were super flaky and dull. I do not know the staying power of these shadows yet but so far I am happy with this purchase!

Next is the mix and match quad. Basically you purchase the palette and then you pick four shades that you like. It all comes separately and then you put it together. I am happy with these colors I chose. They are all a bit darker (especially the two gold shades) than I thought they would be but they are still really nice colors.

These are the four swatches for this palette. As you can see the colors are all super pigmented. The color names in order from this swatch are "Taupe", "Peach Fuzz", "Navy", and "Aubergine". The total cost for this palette is $5.00. It is more than the first but definitely worth it!

Next are the two 32 color palettes that I purchased. I bought one with 32 neutral eye shadows and one with 32 bright eye shadows. At first glance I am really drawn to the bright colors. It has some unusual colors that you don't see in many palettes.

The palette to the right is the "Bright" palette and below the image are some random swatches of some shades. I love that this palette has a hot pink, a yellow, a matte green, a shimmery coral and yet still has some really beautiful neutral colors. I am really happy with this purchase so far. I think it will be a fun palette to play with! I hope these shadows have the lasting power that I have found in the Studio Blushes from E.L.F. If so, this might become one of my favorite palettes!

To the left we have the 32 neutral palette and below some random swatches of colors. I think I will only like this palette not love it.. I sat down and really looked at this palette and it seems that a lot of the shades are extremely similar. The swatches seemed nice and some of the colors are really pretty but my "Naked" palette is everything I want and more in a neutral palette and I think it will be hard for this to compare. I will say that if you do not have the "Naked" palette and are experimenting in the neutral world of eye shadows this would be an awesome palette to purchase. It is only $5.00 and you will really get to experiment with lots of shades! I have not used this yet so I really can't make any judgements but this is my first impression.

Overall, I am really happy with the purchases I have made!! I will do an official review of these products after I use them for a couple of weeks and really put them to the test!

I will post all of the face products I purchased in tomorrow's blog post and then I will do all of the tools and other random items in the next post.

Let me know what you think if you own any of these colors/palettes. I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Stay tuned for part two of this post!

I hope this was helpful!

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  1. So sorry I forgot to post where to buy these amazing products! You can find E.L.F in some Target stores but I purchased all of these products online. The website is: https://www.eyeslipsface.com/.

    Sorry Again!